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I am a multi-skilled digital marketer with expertise in SEO, PPC, Socials, & Graphic Design.
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"Are you tired of your small to medium business being passed around from one marketing manager to another with no clear strategy in place? Look no further! I am a hands-on optimisation specialist who will be your point of contact and help your business achieve its goals through targeted marketing efforts."

I am dedicated to providing my clients with measurable results through the implementation of effective marketing strategies. I specialize in creating tailored solutions that utilize a variety of digital marketing channels including targeted ad campaigns, social media marketing, and content marketing. My expertise in these areas, coupled with a data-driven approach and a deep understanding of the current digital landscape, allows me to confidently assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their marketing goals.By working together, we can create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan that will help your business reach its target audience and drive conversions. My goal is to empower you with the necessary tools and strategies to succeed in the online world, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can help your business reach its full potential.

"I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your brand and how I can assist you in implementing effective marketing strategies. I invite you to reach out to me for further discussion, and I am excited to help your business reach its full potential. Let's connect soon."

Crafted for Success: Few of many Projects by Sam Ali

Zhiyun Australia a long standing client of LTDM and Sam Ali's digital Marketing services

Zhiyun Aus

Proudly serving as Zhiyun's sole digital marketing partner in Australia, our collaboration has set new benchmarks in consumer tech. Advanced GA4 implementation and targeted PPC campaigns achieved a staggering 900% ROAS, driving significant growth in professional camera gimbals and equipment. As a Shopify partner, we've optimized their online store to perfection, complemented by comprehensive SEO, social media engagement, Google Business Profile management, and creative graphic design. The outcome? Unmatched market dominance and continuous expansion.

Z Cam

In a groundbreaking project for ZCam Australia, we delivered a comprehensive digital marketing strategy on a budget. Our achievements include a dynamic rebuild of their WordPress e-commerce site, along with expert management of SEO, PPC, Meta Ads, and captivating graphic design for social media and web presence. The result? A spectacular boost in online visibility and sales & B2B leads.

Picture of Sam Ali - Digital Marketer From Brisbane Australia
Ocean Images Production - Corporate Videography Services

ocean Images

Tasked with reviving Ocean Images Productions' digital presence amidst their struggles with past agencies, we spearheaded a transformative B2B leads Optimisation. By expertly overhauling their PPC campaigns, rectifying GA4 implementation, and reconstructing their technical on-page SEO from scratch, we've catalyzed remarkable, consistent results. Their satisfaction was so profound it culminated in a glowing testimonial. Ocean Images Productions now enjoys a seamlessly communicated, visually captivating online presence, reflecting their corporate videography prowess across Brisbane and Gold Coast. click here to learn read all.

Gold Jewelers

Delhi Jewelers in Altona marks a pinnacle in my journey of elevating Marketing for Gold Buyers in Australia. Identifying a critical need for a fresh online presence, I took the helm to design a lead-generating website with an e-commerce-ready foundation, anticipating future expansions. Our comprehensive approach encompassed brand and logo creation, website development, Google Ads, and Google Business Profile management. This strategic ensemble not only positioned Delhi Jewelers prominently on the digital map but also set a new standard for online excellence in the jewellery industry.

Delhi Jewellers Altona Melbourne
Saramonic Australia Blink product image - marketing managed by Sam ali

Saramonic Australia

As the proud web developers for Saramonic, a premier audio brand in Australia and worldwide, our efforts have tuned into their e-commerce success. Our sophisticated SEO, PPC, and social media lead campaigns have struck a chord, attracting massive retailer support and securing B2B clients. Since 2021, our focus on e-commerce optimisation, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and generating B2B leads has been instrumental in elevating Saramonic's market presence. The harmony of our strategies and their innovative products continues to resonate across the audio here to learn read all.

Home Decor Website

In a market where dropshipping faces skepticism, our project with a pioneering home decor business stands as a testament to its viability when executed with precision. Overcoming unique design and fulfillment hurdles with enthusiasm, we launched a self-sufficient, cost-effective WordPress site in just 9 days. This model streamlines operations, with all orders handled by third-party fulfilment and delivered free, allowing the client to focus solely on product curation. This approach not only reaffirms the effectiveness of dropshipping for SMBs but also sets a new benchmark for efficiency and simplicity in e-commerce.

Home decore and more -
Pink Aus NZ Tour VIP Room Entertainment by Applause and Marketing by Sam Ali and LTDM


For Applause Entertainment, a beacon of corporate and personal events entertainment across Australia, our collaboration has been nothing short of spectacular. Having played a pivotal role in providing VIP room entertainment for Pink's latest tour in AUS and NZ, we've demonstrated our unparalleled ability to amplify experiences. At LTDM, we take pride in orchestrating Applause Entertainment's multi-channel marketing strategies and crafting their graphic design, ensuring their offerings resonate with audiences everywhere. Together, we create unforgettable moments, one event at a time.

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Picture of Sam Ali - Digital Marketer From Brisbane Australia

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Picture of Sam Ali - Digital Marketer From Brisbane Australia